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I help business leaders accelerate growth and solve their biggest problems.

Experienced COO +
Business Systems Expert

I've had the privilege of building and scaling multiple businesses, so I know how frustrating it feels to know that things should be better, faster, and easier.The good news is, the problem isn't you or your team. It's your business systems.Over the years, I've helped countless business leaders significantly accelerate the growth of their organization by identifying and correcting the root cause of:

  • What's slowing down their team's progress.

  • Where the most harmful roadblocks are coming from.

  • Why the bottom line isn't growing faster.

Working together, we will organize the chaos, aim your products in their most powerful direction, and create a clear path that takes your business exactly where you want it to go.Getting to the next level is absolutely possible, and I'd love to help you get there.

What You Can Expect

If you're reading this, I imagine one of three things are true:

  • You know your team and business are capable of more—a lot more—but you're a little unsure of how to get them there.

  • You're tired of beating your head against the same set of problems, and you're ready for this to be fun again.

  • You love your team. And yet, there isn't anyone who can think, create, function, or solve problems on your level—and you know you can't keep carrying it all on your own.

If any of this sounds familiar, it's highly likely that I'll be able to make a significant difference for you by leveraging a proven approach to business thinking—heavily relying on business systems, mental models, and team development.

Former Career Roles

Here's a quick glimpse into a bit of what I've had the opportunity to do.

Co-Founder + Chief Product Officer
Amelia Agency / Nationwide

Objective: Tasked to create a business model that would scale a single-location practice into a nationwide footprint.During my tenure, I created and mentored a wonderful team of designers, developers, marketers, community leaders, content writers and product owners:

  • Increased revenues 10x while overseeing the organizational P&L, launching satellite practices in multiple major U.S. cities.

  • Launched a lead-generation community of 70,000+ members, utilizing vertically integrated consumer journeys.

  • Published a novel business-management system, teaching owner-professionals to start and scale their business.

Chief Operating Officer
Amelia Aesthetics / Raleigh, NC

Objective: Recruited to lead the strategic transformation of a small private practice into a nationally sought-out brand.

  • Increased revenues by 7x while responsibility for the organizational P&L, monthly budget, and forecasts.

  • Boosted lead conversion rates from 31% to 92% after reinventing the sales and marketing strategy.

  • Implemented a company-wide operating system, radically improving processes in HR, Ops, Admin and Finance.

Senior Creative Director + Product Owner
Dave Ramsey / Nashville, TN

Objective: Hand-selected by the CEO and Board of Directors to oversee the re-launch of our organization's flagship product line.I had the opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to lead, cast vision, and build life-changing products alongside some of the best humans on the planet.

  • Created 5x revenue growth while overseeing the design and international production of D2C catalog.

  • Conceived and led user-experience implementation for multiple educational courses and digital products.

  • Co-hired, led, and mentored a team of 100+ creatives, creating and facilitating professional training events.

I've also started and sold multiple businesses in the fields of direct-to-consumer service, online community, and influencer marketing. Then out of nowhere, my book got published by Forefront and Simon and Schuster. Weird life.

Let's Start Small

Rather than starting with formalities, I'd much rather get to hear the story of your business, what obstacles you're facing, and the direction you'd like to go.Simply shoot me an email, and we'll setup some time together.

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